Rianna is an Award-winning host and speaker with a proud track record across the top 5 UK television channels: BBC1, BBC2, Channel 4, ITV and Channel 5. 


Rianna has spoken on stages around the world including The Women’s Association of Addition Therapists (WAAT) and Iris Healing Retreat and Miriam’s House in Los Angeles and the Royal Borough of Kensington, and Chelsea and Open University, the largest undergraduate college in London.


Rianna’s innovative approach engages audiences of any size with live “experiential learning” exercises. Rianna believes people need to go through experiences to retain and apply knowledge. Her sessions are created with immersion in mind, and with the audience at the center.


Rianna’s keynotes include:


  • Reinventing Yourself, and Why It’s Important at Any Age
  • If You Want to Make More Money, Look at How You Love
  • How to Get Real Love… and How to Keep It!
  • Being An Outsider is Your Superpower (for Schools and Teens)
  • Master Love (and have Everything You Want)
  • Getting your Poise after Chronic Divorce
  • Heart Centered Business Leadership 
  • Radical Self-Love and Rianna’s premier coaching program, Heal Your Hungry Heart®


Rianna’s audiences include women, men, mixed audiences, entrepreneurs, leaders, parents, teens, small business and corporations.


Rianna will tailor her keynote to fit your audience.

Get in touch rianna@riannascipio.com

What They’re Saying…

“Rianna’s move to the UK is appropriate and fortune. I have seen her work and she is a powerful new generation orator with a deep-rooted commitment to accountability that paradoxically underlies her call for you to see what freedom looks like.”


Rev. Jesse Jackson

“Rianna connects with people very naturally and that accessibility is really important. She makes it fun too.”


Nicola Moody/Director of Factual Programs, Optomen 

Fmr. Controller, Factual Commissioning, BBC

“Rianna seamlessly stakes her claim as one of the most outstanding speakers I’ve worked with. She delivers in a way you never forget. The elite in her field.”


Michelle Matherson

Head of Talent, Shiver ITN (one of the largest providers of factual entertainment in the UK)

“Having seen Rianna’s ability to move people with her compelling call to action I can honestly say she possesses a rare gift.”


Sharon Harris, Founder The Harris Agency, High-End UK Talent Agency

“Rianna deserves international recognition.

I’m always impressed by her incredible insights.”


Pat Younge/CEO Sugar Films

Fmr. CCO, BBC Vision Production in charge of all UK Program Production

Fmr. President, Discovery Travel Channel


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