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I am a child of unskilled immigrant workers of Indian and African roots, who traveled to the UK from the Caribbean in search of a better life. I focused and worked really hard, reached high, and beyond all expectations, I vaulted the ghetto walls to become a face and voice of the media giant, the BBC. My mother never lived to see the day.

Rianna challenges you to love yourself in ways that call for action

Rianna challenges you to love yourself in ways that call for action. It’s harder than you think, which tells you about the importance of this work. It’s life-changing. I cannot recommend the 90 days enough if you’re really ready to put down your excuses and pick up your life.

Meghan Hunter

this program is the most important thing you’ll ever do. Do it. And do it now. 

Heal Your Hungry Heart taught me how to treat myself the way I’d treat a loved one. It’s about radiating because I am in love with who I am as a person. This program is the most important thing you’ll ever do. Do it. And do it now.

Terra Dawn

the changes you experience with this program are tangible

Since doing this program I am calmer and more in tune with myself, and this is how I experience my love for myself deepening daily. I am more connected to the present without exerting a separate effort. People tell that my communication seems more genuine and alive. Even my relationship with time and colleagues at work is different, as I feel less pressure to be this or do that, in a way that doesn’t conflict with my priorities; it just puts a more holistic perspective on them. The changes you experience with this program are tangible.

Bella Cumani

this course poured honey on my heart

This course poured honey on my heart. It feels like that, filling up dark spaces with something cool and smooth and golden. It challenged me to dream dreams that are worth dreaming.

It changed my life from the underbelly.

Soulemange Sharge

“It’s counterintuitive. We’re

taught to externalize power. But when you put loving yourself first, all that is meant for you flows, because we already ARE everything. This program is life-changing” 

     Angie B


But despite how glittery I looked on the outside, inside I was slowly dying. The reality was I went to work and talked about war when I wanted to talk about love, and soon I came to dread it. To add to my growing unhappiness, I couldn’t seem to find success in romantic love which I believed would be the ultimate solution to all of my problems.

My pursuit of love in mistaken places resulted in a string of torn relationships. To add to the list, I had a burgeoning secret drinking problem, which had started to be not so secret. Worst of all I was checked out from my children, although I did my best to protect them. The line between my public life and my private hell was blurring.

“In three short months I’ve created a life and lifestyle that I’m crazy in love with. It’s phenomenal”

Sally S


I’d slaved long and hard as an adult to place myself in the wrong job, the wrong relationship, and the wrong path, missing out on authentic, loving relationships with every aspect of my life. I was so disconnected from myself that I didn’t even know my favorite color. Surely the experience of my life didn’t have to be grit and chaos and tragedy. Something had to change.

I was faced with two choices: Continue to struggle or give up OR try to heal my hungry heart and win. I followed a soul calling to go to California, the home of many of the world’s modern spiritual leaders, Oprah and Deepak, to name just two. Desperate to heal myself I attended every seminar, took every course, read every self-realization book, and sat at the feet of more healers than you can imagine. I started my daily practice of yoga and continued my daily practice of meditation that has always been my bedrock.

As I returned to life, I realized my passion and purpose for helping people who like me had come undone, and I opened up Imagine, a place for transformation in Los Angeles. And after a few years of service, a shaman revealed to me that I am a rare bridge person, destined to use my God-given skills as a communicator and spiritual conduit to unite the hearts of people from the corners of the earth.

I restored the ancient spiritual practices from India and Africa that had been handed to me by my foremothers and forefathers and integrated them into a modern perspective of radical self-love.  I created The Premium Program for Radical Self-Love, Heal Your Hungry Heart and closed the doors to Imagine.

new pathways

My practice of radical self-love has opened up new pathways beginning in my own life, and given rise to incredible work that lights me up and reignites others with its luminance. That’s the way it works because light spreads everywhere.

Watching me live with bold honesty as one of the pillars of radical self-love has inspired nourishing and trusting relationships with my children and encouraged them to sing their song. I am awake to witness my fascinating new grandchild Aura as she grows, and I have a renewed respect and love for family, that is a motivating charge.

It has connected me to all that I love. I have belly laughs with close friends. I rest, I design my life to feel snuggly on my skin. And yellow is my favorite color.

My mission is to help others to relaunch their abandoned dreams and fall wildly in love with their lives again beyond anything they can imagine. With radical self-love as the starting point and using my step-by-step system infused with ancient, sacred teachings


Radical Self-Love is the birthright of my children, Alexander, Etemi, and Ruby, who take my breath away with their courage, creativity, and fierceness. And of sweet baby Aura, who radiates so much joy that it’s obvious she was born to a love warrior who already possesses the secret to everything.

Radical self-love is your birthright too. And my loving wish is that you will open your heart and receive the abundance that’s already complete and waiting for you.  It’s my honor to work with you.

With Love & Light & Gratefulness,

Rianna xoxo


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“In three short months, my relationship with my parents is unrecognizable. I applied for my ultimate dream job in a new tech startup without any training or a college degree, and I was accepted. To top it all, I’m in a relationship right now”

Rianna lives the program she teaches. When I started working with Rianna, I felt “this” big inside. She guided me in practical, actionable ways to fill up that tiny space in my heart with loving kindness, and expand over time.

In three short months, my relationship with my parents is unrecognizable. I applied for my ultimate dream job in a new tech startup without any training or a college degree, and I was accepted! To top it all, I’m in a relationship right now.

It sounds like a lot changed for me, and it did. Apart from the boyfriend, everything entirely transformed inside of three short months of working with Rianna and the Heal Your Hungry Heart program.

Claire Browder


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Our mission is to help you radiate because you're in love with every aspect of who you are. And from the source of all power to shine your light on the world