“A mother’s body against a child’s body makes a place. It says you are here. Without this body against you, there is no place. The absence of a body against my body created a gap, a hole, a hunger. This hunger determined my life.”

Eve Ensler 

 When my mother died I set out to find a place. I was only 14 years old. It took me almost 40 years but I finally made it home.

My name’s Rianna Scipio. I’m an international soul coach and speaker and I’m here to save you a lifetime of searching, struggle and stuckness.

By seventeen I was pregnant and in an abusive relationship. My son Alexander lived for eight hours. I was fending for myself, living on my own, heartbroken by the passing of my mother and my son one after the other, the scattering of my family, the prolonged childhood sexual abuse. At that stage I had two choices: give up or rise high. So I – a child of unskilled immigrant workers – leaped out of the fire and rocketed through the roof. By age 23 I was a high profile television host with the media giant, the BBC.

After that I traveled the world in style, called celebrities my friends and was featured in the pages of countless magazines such as Hello and The Daily Mail and on red carpets. But for all the outer sparkle, I felt empty and hungry inside. I kept working on the next big thing hoping that something more would fill the gap. And searching, always searching for love.

But I could never find the thing I wanted most. Place.

And because of that, every place felt hard.

“In two short months I’ve created a life and lifestyle that I’m crazy in love with. It’s phenomenal”

Sally S

In 2010, I left my hometown, London, for Los Angeles to study with some of the worlds modern spiritual leaders, including Reverend Michael Beckwith and Deepak Chopra. Despite my professional success inside I felt desperate. I needed to heal my hungry heart. My practice of prayer, meditation, yoga, and spiritual study poured honey on my heart, filling up empty spaces with something cool and smooth and golden. It changed my life from the underbelly.  

 But what good is fullness if not shared? I yearned to rise (and not fall) in love with someone who would love me not because I am perfect, but for my imperfections. I dreamed of bringing my masterpiece to life and could see myself speaking on stages around the world, coaching and helping people with my message of radical self-love. Those visions were my soul whisperings. But for some unfathomable reason, I felt stuck.

In 2012 I found a lump in my breast the size of a marble and opted for a preventative double mastectomy. The cutting of my skin was my turning point, like a window opening, an awakening.  I found I wanted to dive deep into the soul of the greater whole. I wanted to taste, smell and feel the intensity of a love-infused life.  So I decided to study everything I could find about how love works. And somewhere in the sea of poetry, love songs, tips, tricks, strategies and lame manipulations I pulled up Loves Hidden Symmetry by Bert Hellinger. That book turned everything around.

Although radical self-love isn’t mentioned anywhere, I applied the principles of love to myself – as if I were my beloved. A few weeks later I randomly walked into a London bar and fell head over heals in love with a guy who happens to know my first childhood crush. I had been 5 years single at the time. Talk about feeling like home. This thing has magic in it.

In 2014 I opened Imagine Transformational Living of Los Angeles, a live-in spiritual center for women to reclaim bliss and I proudly worked hand in hand with some of the finest clinicians in the world.

When I’d done the work to heal my hungry heart, I met an amazing shaman Ali Mezey. Ali confirmed to me what my soul already knew, that I’m a rare bridge person, destined to lead people home to themselves through the power of radical self-love. Such an incredible anointment and so that’s why it’s my passion and my purpose and my pleasure to share with you my sacred system,

Heal Your Hungry Heart™.

Today I speak at events all over the world and my simple system leads women and men to lives they’re wildly in love with – no compromise. Our clients consistently unleash sustainable bliss in all areas: work, love, lifestyle-design, family, health, wealth…and more. Bliss doesn’t mean you’re skipping through the cornfields all day everyday. It means that you’re profoundly connected, alive and exhilarated with the whole of it.

new pathways

My practice of radical self-love has opened up new pathways starting in my own life and splashing radiant light everywhere.

Watching me live with rigorous honesty as one of the pillars of radical self-love has inspired nourishing and trusting relationships with my children.

I am connected to all that I love. I have belly laughs with close friends. I rest when I’m tired. I lead people home.

My mission is to catapult people from stuck to unstoppable, no compromise, using my step-by-step system infused with ancient, sacred teachings.


Radical Self-Love is the birthright of my children Ruby and Etemi, who take my breath away with their courage, creativity, and fierceness. And of my sweet grand daughter Aura, who radiates so much joy that I see this work flowing through her straight from the ancestors. And of my beloved man Kenrick whose tender smile reminds me how far I’ve come.

Radical self-love is your birthright too.

It’s my loving wish that you’ll open your heart to the magic of a life more beautiful than anything you can imagine. You do not have time to live as less than who you are.

With no ordinary love,

Rianna xoxo

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