My name’s Rianna Scipio.

And I’m here to catapult you to happiness.

Because I didn’t like myself, I wanted other people to like me.

So I focused on fame, money, image thinking they would make me good enough.  

Everyone’s looking for happiness.

But carrying around a broken-heart will spin you off in the wrong direction. For years. 

Maybe even a lifetime. 

Here’s briefly how my heart broke, how I healed it, and how I catapulted from emptiness, to happiness that never runs out.

And how today I help men and women all over the world to say hello to happiness.

One day my mother had a stroke and lost control of her body, her mind, and her emotions. In that instant my world turned upside down, as I became the mother and she became the child. I was fourteen years old, and the next two years was chaos for both of us.

By the time I was 17 I was pregnant by a man who was violent. I’d grown up sexually abused and beaten by a family member and torment was the only model I knew of what a relationship looked like. My sweet baby boy, Alexander, lived for eight hours. And by that time my heart was shredded to bits.

I knew I had two choices. 

Get pregnant again. Or dream big, and try to fill the void another way.

By age 23 I was a high profile television host with the media giant, the BBC.

 The youngest child of unskilled immigrant workers I worked hard and saw my name up in lights. I fulfilled the dream that would’ve made my mother the proudest on earth. Recycling other people’s news was not my dream but at least I was a good girl, respectable and admired. I saw my photographs in the pages of Hello magazine and The Daily Mail and walked on countless red carpets. But I still felt hungry, empty, void. And two noisy divorces later I was shattered.

I needed to heal my hungry heart.

“In two short months I’ve created a life and lifestyle that I’m crazy in love with. It’s phenomenal”

Sally S

   I have always kept an altar by my bedside.

My lifelong practice of prayer, meditation and spiritual study poured honey on my heart, filling empty spaces with something cool and smooth and golden.  My love affair with grace has been my nourishment and my guide but it wasn’t enough to bridge the gap between the outer sparkle of my public image and the emptiness I felt inside.

I went to Southern California to study with the worlds modern spiritual leaders. It was a pilgrimage that changed my life. 

 I needed to “get something off my chest” as the proverbial say goes, because on sacred ground in the City of Angels I found a lump in my breast the size of a marble. The cutting of my flesh was like a window opening. I’ve had the surreal experience of watching my nipple fall off in the bathroom mirror and I wanted to honour my life far more than merely looking good on the outside. I wanted to taste, feel and smell the intensity of a love infused life.  

So I studied everything I could find about how love works and applied the principles of love to myself. 

I poured love over everything, all the way back to the ancestors, to the roots of it all.

Straight after I had done the work (and after 5 years single and still living in Los Angeles), I walked into a London bar and fell madly in love with a man who coincidentally knows my first childhood crush. This man feels like home. Of course there’s no such thing as a coincidences and this thing called grace has a wild imagination.

The changes in me were so complete – from emptiness, to happiness in work, health and love – that I became passionate about sharing this work. So in 2014, I opened a live-in spiritual centre in Los Angeles for women to reclaim happiness, Imagine Transformational Living. It wasn’t long before I knew that this simple step-by-step system for happiness was meant to be shared with the world because the results for my clients were nothing short of magical.

I created the premier online coaching program Heal Your Hungry Heart™.

And today this life-operating system you didn’t learn in school is jet-fuel for happiness to men and women everywhere.

I also speak about the magical powers of happiness on platforms around the world. 

Happiness doesn’t mean you’re skipping through the cornfields all day everyday. It means that you’re profoundly connected, alive and exhilarated with the whole of it.

new pathways

My practice of radical self-love has opened up new pathways starting in my own life and splashing radiant light everywhere.

I am connected to all that I love.

I have belly laughs with close friends. I rest when I’m tired. I help lead people home.

And my mission is to catapult people around the world to happiness using my simple step-by-step system infused with little-known sacred teachings.


This ancestral work unsnags us from the patterns of the past clearing the way for a life that’s more breathtakingly beautiful than anything you can imagine for yourself.

Radical Self-Love is the birthright of my children Ruby and Etemi. And of my sweet grand-daughter Aura, the beneficiary of this soul work. I hope that spirit blesses her with a future of love, kindness, and generosity. 

Radical self-love is your birthright too.

It’s my loving wish that you’ll open your heart to happiness – as the source, the present, and the destination of everything in your life.

You don’t have time to live as less than who you are.

With no ordinary love…

Rianna xoxo

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