My name’s Rianna Scipio.

And I’m here to catapult you to happiness.

Everyone’s looking for happiness.


But starting out with a broken-heart will spin you off in the wrong direction for years, maybe even a lifetime. 

Here’s how I catapulted from emptiness to happiness and created a step-by-step system to launch you to happiness in ways you can’t even imagine right now – career, health, relationships and wealth.

My story starts off gnarly but then that’s the whole point of sharing – just to say that whoever you are and wherever you’re from you can leapfrog to happiness, and I can lead you there.

So I’ll start with the night my mother had a stroke and lost authority of her body, mind and spirit. I was fourteen at the time and when the family scattered I (the youngest child) was left behind to look after mom, run a house, and run buck-wild. The next two years was chaos and darkness for both of us, defining for me. Needless to say, I did a really bad job for mom and held on to a lot of guilt about it for a long time. Letting go of the guilt was one of the keys to my salvation and the basis of my future work as a healer of hearts.

 By seventeen mom had already been dead one year and I was predictably pregnant by a man who beat the stuffing out of me. I’d grown up suffering sustained sexual, mental and physical abuse by a family member, so this guy felt familiar. My baby boy, Alexander, lived for eight hours. Fleeing from terror of it all, I took a big leap and aimed high.

At age 23 I was a high profile television host with the media giant, the BBC.

I put my head down, worked hard and fulfilled the immigrant dream – my mothers dream. Sheer courage and persistence got my name up in lights. I walked red carpets, and saw my face splashed across the pages of Hello magazine and The Daily Mail.

My parents always told me that “success is the pathway to happiness” and so I naturally imagined that success would finally save me but when I finally “got there” I didn’t feel happiness. I felt exposed, uninvited, not enough, uncomfortable in my skin. I desperately tried to find a place that felt like home in love-relationships, but two divorces later I was shattered.

I needed to heal my hungry heart.

“In two short months I’ve created a life and lifestyle that I’m crazy in love with. It’s phenomenal”

Sally S

I travelled to Los Angeles to sit and study with some of the modern spiritual masters and I clearly needed to get something off my chest because the City of Angels is where I found a lump in my breast the size of a marble. Thankfully it wasn’t cancer, but I was advised to remove both of my breasts to remove all future doubt. The cutting of my flesh was like a window opening (I completely understand tribal scarring now) and when I opened my eyes it seemed the sunlight had flooded in through those open wounds. I felt so lucky to be alive and wanted more for my life than to merely look good on the outside. I wanted annoyingly good happiness. 

Standing naked in front of my bathroom mirror back home, my left nipple detached itself from my body. It was an out-of-body experience, every bit as bizarre as that sentence you just read. But it was also my invitation to love myself radically, my new plastic boobs, the width of my hips, the lover who left, the mother I’d not yet made peace with, everything. But love to me felt like self-annihilation, self-sacrifice, shame, guilt and abandonment and this bad vein ran through every aspect of my life, controlling what I would and would not give myself permission to have and to feel – in a word, happiness. I needed to undo and relearn everything I thought I knew about love.

With journalistic discipline and structure I studied everything I could put my hands on about how love works, discovered that there’s an actual system for loving that you can follow so that love flows effortlessly, and then applied the principles of love to myself. 

I poured love over everything. And I mean ev-er-y-thing. Boy was I thorough. I went all the way back to the ancestors, to the roots of it all.

The changes in me were stunning and lightening fast. Everything flipped from emptiness, to happiness: work, abundance, health, friendships, family and love. I didn’t feel separate from humanity anymore, terminally unique. I felt more than enough and that translated as playfulness. I stopped taking myself so seriously and began to flirt with life, practicing the art of seduction with the universe itself. By healing my own hungry heart I’d stumbled upon my passion and soon after I’d completed the sacred system I walked into a London bar and fell madly in love with a man who randomly knows my first childhood crush. This work has brought me full circle, back home to myself, at last.

 No surprise, I became passionate about spreading this work because one thing I know for sure is that happy people are generous people and I want to do my part to help make this world a better place. In 2014, I opened a live-in spiritual centre in Los Angeles designed for women to reclaim happiness, Imagine Transformational Living.  The magical results for the women I worked with were instant proof that my simple step-by-step system for happiness was ready to be taken world-wide.

That’s when I created the total gamechanger to get you anything you want, the short way round – the premier online coaching program for radical self-love, Heal Your Hungry Heart™. 

Happiness doesn’t mean you’re skipping through the cornfields all day everyday. It means that you’re profoundly connected, alive and exhilarated with the whole of it.

new pathways

My practice of radical self-love has opened up new pathways starting in my own life and splashing radiant light everywhere.

I am connected to all that I love.

I have belly laughs with close friends. I rest when I’m tired. I help lead people home.

And my mission is to catapult people around the world to happiness using my simple step-by-step system infused with little-known sacred teachings.


This deep ancestral work in Heal Your Hungry Heart™ un-snags you from the patterns of the past and clears your way for a life that’s more wildly beautiful than anything you can possibly imagine for yourself right now.

Alongside ya’ll, one of my big motivations is my sweet granddaughter Aura. I pray that because of “Gigi’s” work love flows through her and touches everyone she meets, to infinity.

Happiness is your birthright too, and your gift to the world for generations to come.

And it’s my loving wish that you’ll open your heart to outrageous happiness – as the source, the present, and the destination of your one sweet precious life.

With no ordinary love…

Rianna xoxo


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