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The 5 family patterns that are blocking your love, wealth and bliss – and how to come un-snagged from the past and sky rocket happiness, with the blessings of your ancestors

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Rianna Scipio, International Soul Coach & Speaker with New Age thought leaders Deepak Chopra and Rev. Michael Beckwith 





thank you from the bottom of my heart

I was going through so much since 2015. Having lost my two brothers a week and a half apart work became the Achilles’ heel of my existence. I hit rock bottom and couldn’t see a way out. Earlier this year our choir was invited to sing at The Royal Wedding of Harry and Megan and since then my life has changed. Rianna spoke straight to my spirit and through all the hurt and pain and emotional injuries I suffered, gave me courage to take that leap of Faith and hand my notice in at work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Gershom Brown


Rianna promises big results and over delivers

By doing this course I realized that I had given up on love and put my bliss at the end of a long list of priorities as I searched for external affirmation of my value and significance. Now I smile every time I see myself in the mirror because I’m in love with the very core of who I am. I landed my dream job in weeks of starting this course. My 5-year relationship is back on track. This thing works!

Amanda Szuck

I’m so full of gratitude for this amazing woman it’s difficult to know where to begin

I’m used to hitting targets, setting and meeting deadlines, I thought I was signing up for a program to learn how to finally get my time back. I accomplished far beyond anything I could have imagined. But so much more than that, the personal growth, being stretched beyond what I believed I was capable of in a spiritual way, learning about my inner-word, sitting through the fire of self-discovery when I wanted to give up and most of all honoring the whisperings of my heart. My world has flipped the right way up because of this course. 

Jean Kim

this program is life-changing

It’s counterintuitive. We’re taught to put everyone and everything else first. I’d started to put everyone in front of me – my guy, my job, my mom, my friends. But when you put loving yourself first, all that’s right and meant for you flows. My 6-year relationship brand new again and I have a new job. This program is life-changing.

Jennifer Gleizer


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The 5 family patterns that are blocking your flow of love, wealth and bliss – and how to come      un-snagged from the past and sky rocket happiness with the blessings of your ancestors… even if you don’t believe

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